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Halfmoon Solar Project

HALFMOON – On Wednesday April 20th Hillcrest Fire Department put together a joint training along with neighboring departments; Halfmoon – Waterford Fire Department and Hemstreet Park Fire Department to educate their firefighters on how to handle a solar panel emergency situation.

The firefighters took a tour of the 13 acre solar panels on Cary Road followed by a two hour educational training at Hillcrest’s station.

Article in the May 5th edition

The Express Newspaper April 28, 2016

Project Lifesaver & Saratoga County – by H. Wessell

BALLSTON SPA, May 7 -There are those in society -- very young and grown alike -who can't communicate where they are, or even why or how they are there. They are young and old, persons with cognitive disorders, who may wander from home and hardly know they have.

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