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Halfmoon Solar Project

HALFMOON – On Wednesday April 20th Hillcrest Fire Department put together a joint training along with neighboring departments; Halfmoon – Waterford Fire Department and Hemstreet Park Fire Department to educate their firefighters on how to handle a solar panel emergency situation.

The firefighters took a tour of the 13 acre solar panels on Cary Road followed by a two hour educational training at Hillcrest’s station.

Article in the May 5th edition

Solar Sal Arrives in Mechanicville – by T. Mahoney

MECHANICVILLE OCTOBER 13- On Tuesday afternoon the Mechanicville dock was used for a new purpose- to unload freight. Solar Sal the 40' solar powered boat designed by Dave Borton left Lockport, NY, 10 days before with 3 tons of cardboard he picked up from Cascade Paper. Solar Sal traveled the 300 miles on the Eire Canal in very cloudy and rainy weather.

Waterford Town Government Considers Going Solar – By H. Wessell

TOWN OF WATERFORD, November 25 -- Jack Honor  of  groSolar, a Vermont company, whom Supervisor John Lawler  had asked to visit the Town Board agenda meeting, explained that, in keeping with a  growing trend to build  large solar energy systems through a system known as remote net metering, the Town could achieve a significant saving in electricity costs for its facilities..

   (This would be for the Town government’s need,  not the Town as a whole, Lawler pointed out.)

   Read the entire article in the Dec. 4 issue of the Express.