Halfmoon Solar Project

HALFMOON – On Wednesday April 20th Hillcrest Fire Department put together a joint training along with neighboring departments; Halfmoon – Waterford Fire Department and Hemstreet Park Fire Department to educate their firefighters on how to handle a solar panel emergency situation.

The firefighters took a tour of the 13 acre solar panels on Cary Road followed by a two hour educational training at Hillcrest’s station.

Article in the May 5th edition

The Express Newspaper – December 24, 2015

The Express Newspaper October 29, 2015

The Express Newspaper October 15, 2015

Mechanicville FD Fire Prevention Training

MECHANICVILLE - The Mechanicville Volunteer Fire Department has just completed its annual Fire Prevention Training Program for elementary school students, Grades K-5, at the Mechanicville Elementary School.  Over 700 students attended demonstration of fire safety practices for themselves and their homes and families.  The also got the opportunity to see and us a fire extinguisher simulator.  Several brave teacher volunteers also got the “thrill” of riding in tower truck’s 10 foot aerial bucket to the delight of their students.  At the conclusion of the training session, each student was given a Mechanicville Fire Prevention tee shirt and a personal calculator.  Member of the Hillcrest Fire Department assisted.

Article and photos in the Oct. 6th edition of the Express.

Hillcrest & Mechanicville FD Team Up – by M. LeMay

HALFMOON OCTOBER 5 – On Sunday Hillcrest Fire Department held their long awaited and well deserved open house of their new station. Their doors were open to the public from noon – 5:00 and throughout the day over two hundred people walked through to get tours of the new station, see the apparatus, ask questions and even get a great meal catered by The Ugly Rooster. Town officials spoke and congratulated the Chiefs, Commissioners and members for 50 yrs. of service to their community and thanked them for all that they do on a daily basis for our community. Being a volunteer firefighter isn’t a part time thing were you pick and choose when you leave your home for a call, these men and woman volunteer their time and miss family parties, holidays and get out of bed in the middle of the night to rush off and put their own lives in danger at times to save the lives of complete strangers.

Read the entire article in the October 16th issue of the Express.