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Mechanicville Fire Department Awards – by Melissa LeMay

Article and photos on page 10 of the Jan. 18th Express.

Local Union Firemen Support Momentive FD – By Melissa LeMay

Article and photos on page 5 of the 12/08 Express.

Halfmoon Solar Project

HALFMOON – On Wednesday April 20th Hillcrest Fire Department put together a joint training along with neighboring departments; Halfmoon – Waterford Fire Department and Hemstreet Park Fire Department to educate…

Open House at Arvin Hart

Arvin Hart held an Open House on Sunday April 24. A demonstration was held to show firemen putting out a sofa that had caught on fire. Article and Photos in…

Halfmoon-Waterford FD Delivers Toys – by M. LeMay

Halfmoon – On Sunday December 20th the Halfmoon-Waterford Fire District #1 were out spreading some Holiday Cheer throughout their district. Volunteer firefighters along with Chief Boudreau and many helpers were…