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The Express Newspaper August 25, 2016

County Route 111 Bridge – by C. Barton

The CR-111 bridge in Johnsonville has been closed since September of 2013. It was closed immediately following an inspection by NYSDOT who issued a red flag PIA for the CR-111 bridge due to noted deterioration of the structure members. The highway department was unable to make necessary repairs in 24 hours so an immediate closure was necessary for safety

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The Express Newspaper April 28, 2016

Cohoes-Waterford Bridge – by H. Wessell

ALBANY and WATERFORD, February 24 –Cuomo announced that the $20.3 million project for the replacement bridge to carry Route 32 over the Mohawk River will begin today. The current built in 1932 is used by over 16,000 vehicles daily, will be  placed as part of New York State's Scour Critical/Flood Prone Bridge Program and is funded through the Federal Emergency Management Agency, as part of the governor's $518 million program to replace some 105 bridges around the State.

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The Express Newspaper – March 3, 2016

The Express Newspaper – December 24, 2015

Waterford Police Have Body Cameras – by H. Wessell

TOWN OF WATERFORD, September 1 – Town Supervisor John E. Lawler announced at the monthly Town Board business session that Waterford will have its new Cohoes bridge in pretty prompt order.

   The Supervisor reported that the Town has received official notification from the state Department of Transportation that the replacement of the Cohoes-Waterford bridge, much talked about last year and during part of this year including a public meeting he thought “very well conducted” and “extremely well attended, with over 100 people,” is now getting ready to proceed.

Central Avenue Bridge is Now Open

MECHANICVILLE DECEMBER 18- At 6:30 PM Central Ave was open to all traffic. An hour earlier Central Ave. had been open to north bound traffic only. Mayor Dennis Baker expressed his thanks that Central Ave. was now open. He hoped that the merchants in Mechanicville would begin to see an increase in business now that Central is open, The bridge project on Central began on June 18, It was slated for a completion date of November 28. Completion dates were postponed to a skeptical public. The last date offered for completion by The Saratoga County DPW was "sometime the week of December 15th." This time they got it.}