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The Express Newspaper June 1st, 2017

Canal Clean Sweep – by V. Gallagher

SCHUYLERVILLE – During the weekend of April 22-24, volunteer groups and individuals participated in the 11th annual Canal Clean Sweep, the statewide spring cleaning of the NYS Canal System and Canalway Trail. Volunteer Julie White worked at the Hudson Crossing Park location in Schuylerville. She says this annual project has become continuously bigger and better over the years.

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The Express Newspaper April 28, 2016

“I Kissed Sal” Photo BoothWater

July 19 from 9 am – 2 pm
at the Waterford Farmers Market


July 19, 2015……. The Waterford Museum presents the “I Kissed Sal” Photo Booth on Sunday, July 19 at the Waterford Farmer’s Market from 9 am – 2 pm located at the Waterford Visitor’s Center. We will be welcoming over 500 riders from “Cycle the Erie Canal” who cycle 400 miles from Buffalo to Albany in eight days, taking in sights along the way. Everyone will have a chance to kiss “Sal the Mule” (a real live mule) and get their picture taken for a donation which will help support the Museum. Plus, you get a free photo magnet souvenir! Don’t miss your chance to kiss Sal the Mule and cheer on these riders and welcome them to the Home of the Erie Canal!

For more information call: (518) 238-0809.

Waterford Locks at 100 Years – by H. Wessell

WATERFORD, May 15 '- Waterford Deputy Mayor Russ VanDervoort declared, "One hundred years ago today, at this hour at this very minute of 10:27 AM," Governor Charles Whitman, State Engineer Frank Williams and other officials boarded a tug to travel for the first time through the locks of the new Waterford Flight of Locks on the Erie Canal. Both his grandfather and great grandfather, he noted, were participants in the 1915 ceremony. "My book is based on my great-grandparents."

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Mule Day’s Magnificent Mules – by S. McBride

All of us who grew up in this area a few years back know that song which was written by Thomas Allen back in 1905.  We sang it in school.  It was Americana. For us in the Mechanicville-Stillwater-Waterford-Halfmoon area, it was our own history.  We live in an area where a century and a half ago the Erie Canal and the Champlain Canal were both life-giving arteries that made transportation, settlement and commerce possible throughout northern and central New York in the days before there were planes, trains and automobiles, big trucks and superhighways. The barges and passenger boats that plied the waters of these amazing canals in the 19th and early 20th centuries were for the most part powered by mules walking the towpaths.

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Who Was Mrs. Cats? – by S. McBride

On a cold December night in 1906, when the Champlain Canal still bisected the village of Mechanicville, a 61-year-old woman living alone in a second-floor apartment on Canal Street heard a cry for help.  Going out onto her porch overhanging the not-yet-frozen waterway, she saw a man floundering in the stagnant water.  She leaped over the railing into the canal below and swam to the man’s side.  Her cries for help, along with his, did bring help and the man’s life was saved.

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