Schaghticoke in 1840 – by Chris Kelly

I have been illustrating the lives of people in Schaghticoke in 1840 through the inventories in their probate files, made when they died without wills. Today I will conclude with one more.

Alexander A. Miller, died at age 27 in 1826.  This young man, who left a widow and small daughter, was a non-commissioned officer in the local infantry regiment in the New York State Militia. It seems from the inventory that he was a farmer, though it also lists a set of blacksmith tools.  Except for a wagon, the most valuable thing in his estate was a cloak worth $40.

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Possessions of an 1840 Family Farm – by C. Kelley

Let’s look at the probate file of John Baucus, who died in 1832 at 59. He was a farmer who lived near the current town hall. He and his family attended the Lutheran Church, and he is buried in the cemetery at the junction of Melrose-Valley Falls Road and North Line Drive.   In the 1830 census for Schaghticoke, John, age 50-59, had a wife the same age plus one son from 10-14, two from 15-19, one from 20-29, and two daughters from 10-14.

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