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Local Union Firemen Support Momentive FD – By Melissa LeMay

Article and photos on page 5 of the 12/08 Express.

Momentive Update

Article, Letters to The Editor – Pages 10 & 4.

Momentive Union Holding Strong – by Melissa LeMay

Article on page 2 of the 11/24 Express.

Union Pacific Holiday Train Brings Gift

Check out all the photos in the Dec. 3rd issue.

This Month in the Civil War: February 1864 – by S. McBride

For the rebellious Confederate States of America, the fortunes of war had taken a nosedive. Savannah had fallen.  So had Atlanta and Nashville. With the defeat at Fort Fisher on…

Union College’s Civil War Connection – by S. McBride

The connection between Schenectady’s Union College and the American Civil War is both profound and poignant.  And given that 2015 is the 150th anniversary of the end of that defining…

Sherman’s March to the Sea – By S. McBride

Union forces under General William Tecumseh Sherman had taken Atlanta in the early days of September, 1864, but the defending Confederate Army of Tennessee under General John Bell Hood hadn’t…

This Month in the Civil War: Sherman Moves to Georgia – By S. McBride

    “Mine eyes have beheld the Promised Land!”    So wrote Major James Connolly of the 123rd Illinois Infantry to his wife, describing the arrival of Union forces on…