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Rick Nelson Reflects on First Year

Rick Nelson is inaugurated as Stillwater village mayor in April, 2015.

Mayor Nelson and crew sporting the village "uniform" at the Memorial Day parade May, 2015.
Mayor Nelson and other officials at the ribboncutting ceremony following the renovation of Major Dickinson Park in December, 2015.
Mayor Nelson reflects on his first year in office
'It was something I had secretly hoped to do some day'

Article in the 06-09 edition.

Vote on City Mayor’s Secretary

MECHANICVILLE MARCH 2- The City Council considered changes to the position of Secretary to the Mayor. Under the change to the City Charter the position or positions would be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Mayor. Dennis Baker said at the meeting that the other departments have control of their own deputies.

In the 03-10 edition.

The Express Newspaper February 25, 2016

Ernie Martin Honored – by Vince Gallagher

STILLWATER JULY 21 –Residents, friends and neighbors stopped by the Stillwater Village Board Room to honor their former mayor Ernest  Martin.   “I’m honored and I’m humbled…I’m proud of my accomplishments,” said Martin. Rick Nelson was elected  the new village mayor this past March. He and former Stillwater mayor David Rathbun were present to pay tribute to Martin, along with Senator Kathy Marchione, who  presented the former mayor with an official service award from the New York State Senate.

Read more in the July 30th edition.