The Express Newspaper April 28, 2016

The Express Newspaper – April 14, 2016

“Pink Elephant” in Waterford – by H. Wessell

The July 28 Town Board agenda meeting began earlier than usually, as as over two dozen neighbors of the one-time St. Anne’s Catholic School, many of them graduates with happy memories, had to talk with the Town board about a nightmare they are feeling right now.

The building at Vanderwerker and Grace Streets later became the Mill View Adult home for many years; then after being idle was purchased in last few years by  Scott Derry –who has gone so far as to paint the building pink as part of showing his evident unwillingness to submit to the requisite municipal processes for making it into, as he wishes, an apartment building.     

Read the entire article in the August 6th edition.

The Express Newspaper – July 16, 2015

Brown’s Beach Makes a “Splash” Once Again – by V. Gallagher

STILLWATER - It's official after being closed for nearly ten years, the Town of Stillwater re-opened Brown's Beach Saturday, August 30. Town Supervisor Ed Kinowski has been working on this project for years, and he says it\'92s a true example of teamwork that made this mission a reality.

Read the entire article in the June 4 edition.

Stillwater & Mechanicville Government News

Snow Emergency

MECHANICVILLE - In the event of a major snowstorm, the commissioner may call for a snow emergency. Also, if there are three or more inches falling there is a snow emergency and will most likely be in the media. To be notified of a snow emergency, go to the city's website and click on the tab saying 'notify me' and fill out the required information.

The entire article is in the February 26th issue.

Stillwater Rezoning: DONE – By Harold Wessell

The Stillwater Town Board on this date adopted, after a final hearing with few present, zoning changes in the works for several months.

"Zoning is important, from many aspects," began Supervisor Edward Kinowski.  "A lot of people just skip by when they hear ‘new zoning map,' without recognizing what it potentially can do for their property -- and it's all about what they can do on the property," whether restricting  or expanding or otherwise adding specific purposes  to its further use in some cases.

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