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Mayor Sylvester Reflects on eight Years – by Harold Wessell

How Anthony Sylvester came to be mayor of Mechanicville for the past 8 years is a long story.

It came about, as he related soon after his last City Council meeting on December 18, because he has been involved in volunteerism for some 30 years: He served as chairman of the Family Day committee, and the city housing authority. After the tornado he took a couple weeks off from his job and helped pick up debris on the streets; and organized dinners and brought food, also clothing, to different places ñ and was named the Chamber of Commere's Man of the Year.

Entire article is in the Dec. 26th issue of the Express.

IDA Did Not Vote On Esplanade – By Harold Wessell

STILLWATER AND MECHANICVILLE, Oct. 22 and 24 – The Mechanicville-Stillwater Industrial Development Agency did not vote on a requested Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) plan for the re-crafted Esplanade project, following Public Hearings in the two municipalities.  A meeting to do so was expect in the coming week.

Empire Warehousing Corp. estimates a project cost of approximately $55 million on 11.3 acres on North Main in the City, including ten percent within the Town of Stillwater, now returning to the IDA as a residential rather than mixed use project, with 294 apartments and a 50-seat café with community space totaling approximately 12,000 s.f. (of which the café would be 1,500 s.f). About 4.7 acres, or 42 percent are planned as green space.

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