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Saratoga County Board Updates – By H. Wessell

BALLSTON SPA. November - The following agenda items anticipating passage at the County Board of Supervisors November business, November 18, include a new substation of the Sheriff's Department.   - Authorizing a lease of space negotiated by the Town of Wilton and the Wilton Mall, for a 920-square foot Sheriff's Department substation, for five years with an option of renewal for five. (He quipped, "The rent, good job Sheriff, is a dollar a year, so we're happy with that.")

Read the entire article in the Nov. 20th issue of the Express.

Saratoga County No To SAFE Act – by Harold Wessell

BALLSTON SPA: January 15 th Saratoga County Supervisors anticipate voting on Tuesday Jan. 22 to deny the State government permission to associate its name in any way implying it is sponsoring the unfolding next phase of the SAFE Act.

The County will refuse the State permission to use its County name, letterhead, address, logo or seal, nor of the County Clerk or Sheriff, for purposes related to enforcement of the Act.

Page 10 in the January 23rd issue of the Express.