The Express Newspaper – January 14, 2016

Three Times One Hundred – by S. McBride

We’ve been blessed here in our hometown this summer to celebrate the 100th birthdays of two lovely ladies who were born here in Mechanicville in 1915, Mary LaVigna Canonica and Molly DeCrescenzo Bango.  A century in time, an eyeblink in history.  A life span rarely achieved.  Just what was life like a century ago?

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Waterford Locks at 100 Years – by H. Wessell

WATERFORD, May 15 '- Waterford Deputy Mayor Russ VanDervoort declared, "One hundred years ago today, at this hour at this very minute of 10:27 AM," Governor Charles Whitman, State Engineer Frank Williams and other officials boarded a tug to travel for the first time through the locks of the new Waterford Flight of Locks on the Erie Canal. Both his grandfather and great grandfather, he noted, were participants in the 1915 ceremony. "My book is based on my great-grandparents."

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