Changes at Brown’s Beach – by H. Wessell

TOWN OF STILLWATER, May 19 – The Stillwater Town Board approved a new contract with Time Warner Cable when the company was on the brink of becoming  part of a new company, also including Bright House Networks,  called Charter Communications. The merger took effect when okayed by the Federal Communications Commission on May 6.

Article in the 05-26 edition.

The Express Newspaper – January 14, 2016

Our World in 1916 – by Sandy McBride

Here we are in 2016, an age of incredible technology and instant communication, and we like to think that our world is a whole lot more advanced and different than the world of our grandparents and great-grandparents.

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Luther Forest Zoning Changes – by H. Wessell

The Town of Malta Board heard a proposal by Luther Forest Tech Campus to open the door to certain zoning changes that could in turn open the Town's "door" to more business activity and fiscal benefit. Matthew Jones presented a proposal for amending its Planned Development District (PDD) legislation, that had been developed in recent months with LFTC board chairman Thomas Roohan and Michael Relyea the former campus director, now a consultant to it.

Read the entire article in the Oct. 2nd issue of the Express