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The Express Newspaper June 23, 2016

Fireball Run to Visit Saratoga County

MECHANICVILLE JANUARY 19- Pete Bardunias, President of the Chamber of Southern Saratoga County, announced that Saratoga County will be part of the Fireball Run this fall. Fifty teams will be competing on rod rally which will start in western New York . continuing to Saratoga County, Dutchess Coutny, Massachusetts , and ending in Maryland.

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Sheriff’s Priority: Safety on The Water – by H. Wessell

BALLSTON SPA, June 11 – A government's first duty is to the safety and security of its people.

Keeping people safe, not issuing tickets, is how Saratoga County Sheriff Michael Zurlo and his department see it – and any one of them says it, often: "Our biggest thing is safety. We're not just out there to issue tickets or arrest anybody."

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Thomas Jourdain Honored by County – by H. Wessell

BALLSTON SPA, April 21, 2015 -  Many of its deceased veterans that Saratoga County has honored in a monthly ceremony since 1999 have come back home, raised families, actively participated in their communities. It was very different for those gathered this day.

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Northway Crash Survivor Speaks Out – by H. Wessell

MECHANICVILLE, May 14 -Bailey Wind has a message to everyone, especially fellow young people, that she's been delivering in compelling personal testimonies this summer. Home from her first year of college she has something two dear friends will never have.
Bailey has made a PowerPoint slide presentation for the prom season , one that applies to all ages. This was prepared in Spring as part of her Public Speaking course as a freshman Communications major at the University of Tennessee. It was from an idea to support Saratoga County Sheriffs in their annual stepped up efforts to promote a safe prom season.

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Zurlo’s Outreach to Schools-by Harold Wessell

BALLSTON SPA, March 16 – There is a traditional expression for police officers that is still in official use: Peace Officer.
Keeping the peace – but even more so promoting it where individuals or groups may be having some personal issues or struggles – is at the heart of the new assignment given by Sheriff Michael Zurlo to Deputy Kenneth Cooper.
A month or so ago, Cooper was put in charge, full-time, of a new Sheriff's Department outreach to schools in Saratoga County. The Express recently had opportunity to see – as he might well ask a student: "So, how's it going?"

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Saratoga County No To SAFE Act – by Harold Wessell

BALLSTON SPA: January 15 th Saratoga County Supervisors anticipate voting on Tuesday Jan. 22 to deny the State government permission to associate its name in any way implying it is sponsoring the unfolding next phase of the SAFE Act.

The County will refuse the State permission to use its County name, letterhead, address, logo or seal, nor of the County Clerk or Sheriff, for purposes related to enforcement of the Act.

Page 10 in the January 23rd issue of the Express.

Saratoga Co. Animal Shelter – Pets for Adoption

CamiCami, SF, DSH, 7 yrs old, Litter Box Trained, Small children made her nervous so she was returned. Very sweet girl.












Copy of PaulPaul, NM, DSH, Adult, Litter box trained, So laid back. Great cat.


HandsomeHandsome,DSH,NM, Adult, Litter box trained, Great with kids


Calvin 2Calvin,NM, 5yrs old. Weight 135lbs, older kids only, good with dog & cats, Housebroken, Need training with treat/food aggression

Saratoga County
Animal Shelter
6010 County Farm Rd.
Ballston Spa, NY 12020
(518) 885-4113

County Opens New Veterans Counseling Center

By Harold Wessell

BALLSTON SPA, Aug. 14 and 20 – Saratoga County Supervisors announced a now-annual  fundraising event in support of services to military veterans, and a new counseling site in the County for combat vets.

The counseling location is to be a satellite of the Veterans Center in Colonie and

staffed five days a week – the schedule still to be worked out according to County Veterans Service Agency Director Felipe Moon. It is being provided by the Town of Saratoga.

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