The Express Newspaper October 15, 2015

The Express Newspaper June 25, 2015

Stillwater Students Complete Rotary’s RYLA Program

ARATOGA SPRINGS MARCH 7- Leadership development is the goal of the Rotary Club's RYLA Program. Communication, problem solving, and community citizenship are some of the topics covered in the Rotary Club's RYLA Program. Summer Sheehan and Jason Schultz of Stillwater; and Michael Horan of Waterford were honored for completing this year's RYLA Program.

Entire article in the March 12th edition.

The Express Newspaper – March 12, 2015

Rotary Provides 90 Winter Coats – By Tom Mahoney

The Elvis Patsy Cline concert raised enough money so that the Mechanicville Rotary Club was able to provide over 90 coats to needy school children. Every needy child in Hoosic Valley, Mechanicville, Stillwater, and Waterford school will have a coat for this winter. Harriet Noble Mechanicville Rotary President pointed out "It's  really 90 + families that are impacted '96 not only will the children be healthier, can go to school when it's cold but the parents can now concentrate on other needs they have.

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The Express Newspaper – November 27, 2014

Elvis & Patsy Help Rotary Club Raise Funds

TILLWATER OCTOBER 25- Danny "Elvis" Romines and Courtney "Patsy Cline" Shane filled up the SACC auditorium on Saturday night. The Mechanicville Rotary Club sponsors Elvis every year to raise money for winter coats for needy children. Food and beverage sales revenue went to SACC so 2 worthy causes benefited.This year the show was moved from Mechanicville to Stillwater and Patsy Cline was added to the program.


The Express Newspaper – October 30, 2014