The Express Newspaper Nov. 2, 2017

The Express Newspaper October 20, 2016

Heroin is the Drug of Choice – by H. Wessell

BALLSTON SPA, February 18– The Saratoga County Sheriff’s Department has devoted much attention to heroin abuse, which has become a nationwide epidemic. That includes our area.

The Sheriff’s Department continues to face the epidemic through backing tougher laws.

At the County Public Safety Committee meeting early this month, Sheriff Michael Zurlo  asked the full board to go on record with other municipalities  to support Laree’s Law. This is named for an 18 year old Colonie woman who succumbed to a heroin overdose in 2014.

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The Express Newspaper February 25, 2016

Heroin Use in County on the Rise – by H. Wessell

BALLSTON SPA, November 16 – Heroin and other opiates are an insidious force in a society partial to instant gratification. Its use in the last decade or so has seen a boost from cheap heroin flooding parts of the USA, coming in from Mexico rather than the extensive -- and expensive -- higher quality sources in Central and South America.

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