A Call to the Bullpen With Sam DeCelle – Does Pete Rose Deserve this Punishment?

Imagine this, a MLB Hall of Fame induction class that consisted of Pete Rose. Pete Rose, the all time hits leader, but proven guilty of betting on baseball during his playing and managing days.

When I say imagine it, I say that because as of now that will never happen. Rose was banned from baseball many years ago when he was found guilty of betting on Cincinnati Reds games back when he was a player/manager for the ball club. MLB rules forbid any players or managers from placing bets on the sport while they are active and involved in the game.

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Mechanicville SD Hopes to Move Forward with Building Project – by Sam DeCelle

The Mechanicville Jr. Sr. High School/Elementary School is hoping to get a much- needed make over. School Superintendent Dr. Michael J. McCarthy and Chair Person John Taglione, of the Exploratory Facilities Committee, are working on a plan that could possibly lead to the building project in the district that would renovate many areas of the existing building.

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The Express Newspaper July 30, 2015

The Express Newspaper – July 16, 2015

The Express Newspaper July 9, 2015

Stillwater to Re-Open Hall of Fame – by S. DeCelle

The inaugural class elected into the Stillwater High School Hall of Fame may have some company this upcoming year. After eight years of a standstill, Coach Ian Lewis and Athletic Director Michael Kinney are heading the movement to re-open the hall to honor the school district’s outstanding athletes and coaches.

  Stillwater’s Hall of Fame currently consists of eight members. Six individual athletes as well as two teams sit in the hall.

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The Express Newspaper July 2, 2015

Interview with HV Baseball’s Coach Brooks – by S. DeCelle

All athletes dream of the “dog pile”, they want to experience that moment where you win the championship and get to celebrate with your teammates and friends. Sometimes many even practice in the back yard with a couple friends when you’re a child. You want to be the best.

Hoosic Valley Baseball got to do their championship dog pile, and was lucky enough to do it two years in a row because they were the best.

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