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Mechanicville Bridges Go Out for Bid in April – by D. Coreno

The work on Francis St. and Main St. will be going out for bid sometime in April. The expected length of time for the project will be about six months. Hill St. to Terminal St. will be blocked as well as Francis St. to Hudson alley. The sidewalks above Central Ave. are not planning on being renovated at the present time. As for the cost, the city only pays 5% of the bridge project and eventually a bond will be issued.

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Stillwater & Mechanicville Government News

Snow Emergency

MECHANICVILLE - In the event of a major snowstorm, the commissioner may call for a snow emergency. Also, if there are three or more inches falling there is a snow emergency and will most likely be in the media. To be notified of a snow emergency, go to the city's website and click on the tab saying 'notify me' and fill out the required information.

The entire article is in the February 26th issue.

City Hall & School News -by Renate Gerstenberger, Madison Gowett, and David Coreno

MECHANICVILLE JANURAY 7- At this weeks past city council meeting commissioner Gilheany stated that the city was at a good cash position going into the New Year. The firefighting department was $9,000 under budget for 2014, with $6,700 being given back to the city.

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