The December 21st, 2017 Express Newspaper

Apples of Their Irish Eyes – by P. Loatman

The current political debate surrounding immigration serves as a reminder that such disputes have arisen many times in our past. As President John F. Kennedy stated in “A Nation of Immigrants,” more than 45 million immigrants had come to America by 1965, almost all of them without any documentation. Ironically, the only “documented aliens” entering American shores in our early history were African slaves. However, given the fact that they were deemed chattel, they were listed as nameless items of property to be sold rather than as individuals who had had any choice in emigrating.

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Images of America, Waterford

WATERFORD DECEMBER 4- The Waterford Historical Museum and Cultural Center released \'93Images of America, Waterford\'94 at 7 pm at the Waterford Museum. Author Dick Herzog will be on hand to sign copies. \'a0There will be many never seen before images of both the Village and Town (including Northside) of Waterford.

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The Express Newspaper December 10, 2015

Fourth Of July Things to do With and For Your Kids – by David Petronis

To All of My Friends and Colleagues I would like to share How I feel about America ….

         … and Why we Celebrate The Fourth. 

In a few days the Fourth of July will be here and we should Celebrate !!

We should Celebrate our Heroes, our Country and our American Heritage.

Especially Celebrate Those Who Have Given Us Our Freedom because …  Freedom Isn’t Free … and Let YOUR Voice be Heard.

Especially Heard By Our Children Who May Not Yet KNOW what it Truly IS to Be An American.

Let THEM Hear and See the Sounds and Images of who WE Are and by What Name We Go BY …   My Name is America

Happy Fourth Of July …

From NEACA.  

A brand new listing of all our NEACA Arms Fairs will be available on our website within a week with many new dates and venues for the remainder of 2015 and a full schedule for 2016.  We are still looking for interested parties in our Gun Show promotion business.





Thanksgiving Day In America – By H. Wessell

Thanksgiving Day is about many things: giving thanks for the bounty America knows by sharing in a famously festive meal, fervent prayer at home and even church attendance, family time... parades.. football game  and more and more every year, frenetic shopping: as early as the following midnight, if not still on the holiday itself.  Thanksgiving Day most noticeably launches, in modern times in America and elsewhere,  not the season of Advent (whose four Sundays before December 25 starts near or on the holiday weekend  November 30 this year). But now most folks know those weeks not as The Advent Season, but "The Christmas Season," meaning the Christmas-Shopping Season.

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The Express Newspaper – November 27, 2014