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The Express Newspaper – May 21, 2015

Village and Town Settle GE $ – by H. Wessell

Stillwaters, June 18
After several months of negotiation, the Town and Village of Stillwater have arrived at an acceptable proposal for the division and distribution of the net proceeds of the GE litigation settlement which the Village won earlier this year.
The Village and Town Boards, in identical resolutions at their monthly meetings of June 16 and 18 respectively, have agreed $86,000 is to be paid to the Town; and the balance of $4,368,469, to the Village.

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Village & Town Still in GE $ Dispute – by H. Wessell

STILLWATER JULY 17- A resolution passed Thursday night by the Stilllwater Town Board authorizes Supervisor Edward Kinowski to negotiate and sign an agreement regarding Water Rates with the Village of Stillwater for Water Districts 1 and 5.

Referring to a resident's question about Mayor Ernest Martin's letter on matters related to the GE lawsuit settlement in the July 17 Express, said Kinowski: "I'm not going to debate Mayor Martin's inputs to the press ñ or how the press chooses to write it. I didn't know if it was done as a personal letter to them and they printed it verbatim, or what. "

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City Adresses $ Problems – by Harold Wessell

MECHANICVILLE, January 16th At the first City Business Meeting of the year, Finance Commissioner Jodie Gilheany reported in part that she did a calculation on the salary increases that were in the budget passed at the end of the year, and knew she wasn't happy with the 3 percent increase for the non-contractual personnel. The cost of the new CSEA contract with fringes was $17,302 and the cost of the non-cractual increases $15,042; which totals $32,343. "And the only extra money we had in the budget was $25,000. Therefore we have to find a way to make up another $7,300." She indicated she would work up some numbers, and would like the Council to consider increasing the percentage that the employee’s non-contractual pay toward their health insurance and of course the dental plan. "We have to cover this somehow."

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