The Express Newspaper – June 30, 2016

Where Are Our Flags ? – by Sandy McBride

We have just celebrated Memorial Day.  Next week we will celebrate Flag Day. Less than three weeks after that, we will celebrate Independence Day. Mechanicville will soon rededicate its Veterans Monument, newly relocated to Tallmadge Park. The stars and stripes, the aura of patriotism, are very much front and center these days.

On Memorial Day in 2016, it was heartwarming to see so many people posting on Facebook their messages of respect and gratitude for our veterans who gave their lives for this nation in so many wars over so many years.  It was inspiring to see so many messages of honor to our veterans on TV, at sporting events, parades and other gatherings.

Article in the 06-09 edition.

The Express Newspaper June 9, 2016