The Express Newspaper September 14, 2017

The Express Newspaper June 9, 2016

“Business First” in Saratoga & Land Development at Luther Forest – by V. Gallagher

CLIFTON PARK- (March 29).  It’s a collaborative effort between the Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership, the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Southern Saratoga County …an initiative known as “Business First Saratoga.”     

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The Express Newspaper April 7, 2016

‘Yellow Dot’ Gives Immediate Information to First Responders – by H. Wessell

Yellow Dot is a free program designed to help first responders provide life-saving medical attention during that first "golden hour" after a crash or other emergency.  It is an initiative of the New York State Sheriffs’ Association that is being implemented statewide, and the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Department has been spreading the word, and making it readily available  to residents.

   Available by visiting, the program kit is also being distributed at an increasing number of locations in the county.

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