The Express Newspaper January 12, 2017

Mechanicville Scholar Athletes Recognized – by Sandy McBride

Mechanicville Junior/Senior High School Vice Principal Craig Forth welcomed a throng of student/athletes to the gym on Thursday morning to what he termed “an awesome event”.  It was the presentation of New York State Public High School Athletic Association pins and certificates to the members of the nine Red Raider winter and spring sports teams which have achieved Team Scholar Athlete status according to the standards required by the state organization.

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The Express Newspaper June 16, 2016

Mechanicville Student Athletes Honored – by Sandy McBride

It was a three-step celebration in the Mechanicville High School gym last Tuesday morning. The formal presentation of the Super Bowl High School Honor Roll Gold Football given by the National Football League in Joe Cocozzo’s honor took place, along with the presentation to the Red Raider football team of the plaque won for being the Section 2 Central Division Champions in Class C, and the recognition of the school’s 87 scholar/athletes in fall sports.

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The Express Newspaper February 18, 2016

Mechanicville Student Athletes Honored – by Sam DeCelle

Student Athlete, not Athlete Student. Something that Mechanicville High School sports has proven as correct over the past year as many of our students were honored by NYS at the conclusion of the spring sports season as scholar athletes.

   To attain this title and be recognized by the state, a team must have a percentage of its athletes with a 90 or above grade average. This past school year, Mechanicville had representatives from eight different sports teams. The percentage of students needed to meet the qualifications depended on the size of the sports team.

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The Express Newspaper June 11, 2015

Scholar Athlete Team Awards for MHS

They hit the ball.

They hit the ground running.

They hit the books.


All four spring varsity teams at Mechanicville High School -- baseball, softball, boys track and girls track – received a Scholar Athlete Team Award from the New York State Public High School Athletic Association this month for excellence in the classroom during the recently completed season.

To qualify for the award, each team had to have a certain number of athletes achieve a 90 or better average in the classroom during the season. For baseball and softball, it was 11 and for the track teams it was 12. In addition to the team certificates, individual athletes received a pin from the NYSPHAA if they had a 90 or better average. The baseball team had 11 qualify, softball had 14, boys track had 19 and girls track had 30.

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