The Express Newspaper August 23, 2018

City Hall & School News -by Renate Gerstenberger, Madison Gowett, and David Coreno

MECHANICVILLE JANURAY 7- At this weeks past city council meeting commissioner Gilheany stated that the city was at a good cash position going into the New Year. The firefighting department was $9,000 under budget for 2014, with $6,700 being given back to the city.

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Cordani Named Stillwater Police Commissioner – by H. Wessell


TOWN  OF STILLWATER. May 17th The Express was advised over the weekend by Supervisor Edward Kinowski that 21-year veteran Town Police Sergeant Raymond  Cordani will become Police Commissioner, in charge of the local department on the retirement of Chief Dennis Latham on June 30.

   He technically will replace Councilwoman Lisa Bruno, who is current Police Commissioner, at that time.

   In the new position, which is uncompensated, Kinowski explained he will remain First Sergeant. A second  position  of  Sergeant, that he said the Town has not had for some time, is being advertised, as Bruno confirmed .



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City Adresses $ Problems – by Harold Wessell

MECHANICVILLE, January 16th At the first City Business Meeting of the year, Finance Commissioner Jodie Gilheany reported in part that she did a calculation on the salary increases that were in the budget passed at the end of the year, and knew she wasn't happy with the 3 percent increase for the non-contractual personnel. The cost of the new CSEA contract with fringes was $17,302 and the cost of the non-cractual increases $15,042; which totals $32,343. "And the only extra money we had in the budget was $25,000. Therefore we have to find a way to make up another $7,300." She indicated she would work up some numbers, and would like the Council to consider increasing the percentage that the employee’s non-contractual pay toward their health insurance and of course the dental plan. "We have to cover this somehow."

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