Dorothy Welch Choral Celebrates 40 Years – by Sandy McBride

It’s a rite of spring here in the Mechanicville area, as it has been for forty years!  On Saturday, May 14, at Mechanicville High School’s Paul N. Luther Auditorium, the Dorothy Welch Choral Society will present their annual concert rich in patriotic songs, with emphasis on honoring our four branches of the military service. The choir is directed by Vern Hellijas with piano accompaniment by Kathy Funaro.

Article in the May 5th edition

The Express Newspaper May 5, 2016

Dorothy Welch Choral 40 Years – by S. McBride

July 4, 1976 was a milestone in American history as the United States of America celebrated its 200th birthday.  Here in Mechanicville, as in communities all across the country, the festivities were well-planned long in advance of the day, and designed by the city’s Bicentennial Committee to be celebratory, reverent, respectful, loud and joyous.  The committee and the Mechanicville City Council honored a proposal by the Mechanicville Council of Churches to begin the day’s events with an ecumenical service of Thanksgiving in Tallmadge Park.

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The Express Newspaper February 25, 2016