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The Express Newspaper – June 30, 2016

NYS Common Core Gets an Overhaul – by Christine Barton

The Common Core State Standards that have been the subject of many debates since implementation will soon be getting an overhaul.  A task force set up to review the standards was formed after New York students in schools across the state were boycotting academic tests associated with the new standards.

Read the entire article in the 01/28 Express.

The Express Newspaper – January 28, 2016

‘Yellow Dot’ Gives Immediate Information to First Responders – by H. Wessell

Yellow Dot is a free program designed to help first responders provide life-saving medical attention during that first "golden hour" after a crash or other emergency.  It is an initiative of the New York State Sheriffs’ Association that is being implemented statewide, and the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Department has been spreading the word, and making it readily available  to residents.

   Available by visiting, the program kit is also being distributed at an increasing number of locations in the county.

Read the entire article in the Jan. 15th issue of the Express.

Stillwater Town Historian Honored – by Harold Wessell

TOWN OF STILLWATER, March 17 – The Express was advised at press time by Stillwater Supervisor Edward Kinowski that at the New York State Association of Historians Conference at the Gideon Putnam Monday evening, attended by 130 Historians from all over the State, Stillwater Town Historian Linda Palmieri was honored by presentation of the Edmund J. Winslow Award.
Kinowski explained that Linda Sanders, Deputy Historian and Stillwater Village Historian, had initiated the process of the award, and he as well had added "a few words in support from the Town Board."