The Express Newspaper – January 28, 2016

Beyond the One Room Schoolhouse – By C. Kelley

New York State enacted the Union Free School law in 1853. Under this law, common schools could organize to create secondary schools for their students. Before that time, just a few students would have the opportunity to go beyond an elementary school education, in private schools located around the area. The 1840 U.S. Census had a column for “scholars”, presumably students in college.

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Common Core Mechanicville School Board – by H. Wessell

Three area superintendents of schools with very different histories had similar thoughts on how Common Core is doing in its second year, in their districts.

Dr. Stanley Maziejka has been Superintendent of the Stillwater Central School district for eight years, and with his previous eight years leading the Fort Edward district is currently the senior superintendent in the entire capital region.

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