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Through the Hoosac Tunnel – by Chris Kelly

Last week I described a trip my husband and I took by train from Albany to East Deerfield, Massachusetts in the fall. The trip was unique as it was the first passenger train to pass through the 4.75 mile-long Hoosac Tunnel in over thirty years. For me the trip was also special as we passed all through the town of Schaghticoke by train- a really different way to view the town.

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Hoosac Tunnel & RR – by C. Kelly

   This fall my husband and I had a wonderful train trip through the town of Schaghticoke. Every year Amtrak runs a fall excursion train one weekend. Train buffs from all over the country ride. This year the trip was from Albany to East Deerfield, Massachusetts…..with the centerpiece of the 10 hour day a journey through the 4.75 mile long Hoosac Tunnel. This was the first time a passenger train had been through the tunnel in at least thirty years. Yes, that was great, but for me as town historian, a trip by train through my town was the high point- twice, actually, as we retraced our journey on the way back.

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