Domestic Violence Conference

Stillwater October 20- Congressman Paul Tonko and State Senator Kathy Marchione read off some statistics on domestic violence. “One is six woman is subject to stalking ;nationally there are 10 million domestic violence calls per year; one in four is impacted by domestic violence; one in five women is and one in seven men are struck by their partner.”

Article and photos on page 2 of the 10/27 Express.

“Change the Culture in Order to Change the Behavior” Sgt. Ray Cordani on Domestic Violence

STILLWATER OCTOBER 28- Since 2003 the Stillwater Police Department has taken in 4,000 used cell phones. These phones are restored and given to victims of domestic violence in the area. The facts about domestic violence and its damage were the subject of the Stillwater Police Dept.'s annual news conference.

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The Express Newspaper – November 5, 2015

Stillwater’s Cordani’s Goals – by H. Wessell

TOWN OF STILLWATER, March 31 – In a conversation with the Express looking back on his months as Police Commissioner for Stillwater, Sergeant Raymond Cordani was glad to say the police department is up to full complement of fourteen members, and he has realized his major goals, especially in the area of ongoing training.

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The Express Newspaper – April 9, 2015

Change the Culture to Change the Behavior – R. Cordani

STILLWATER- OCTOBER 20- Police Commissioner Ray Cordani conducted the annual Domestic Violence News Conference at the Town Hall. He appreciated the cell phones that are donated from the local community. He is grateful to receive them and sad that we still need them. Over 4,000 cellphones have been collected at the Stillwater PD. He said "we need to change the culture to change the behavior."

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Heroin Enforcement a New Reality – by H. Wessell


 Some people should know that the person who might literally stop the death from heroin overdose of a friend, relative or oneself might be the policeman or policewoman just coming around the corner.

   It can be done with a little object that can be carried in a pocket a nasal spray, but no ordinary one, called Narcan (Nalaxone).

   Stillwater Police Sgt. Raymond  Cordani,  who becomes also Town Police Commissioner in a few weeks,  and who in an earlier story in this paper said better and better ongoing training of officers will be a priority, noted how there is an upsurge of training on use of  Narcan,


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Cordani Named Stillwater Police Commissioner – by H. Wessell


TOWN  OF STILLWATER. May 17th The Express was advised over the weekend by Supervisor Edward Kinowski that 21-year veteran Town Police Sergeant Raymond  Cordani will become Police Commissioner, in charge of the local department on the retirement of Chief Dennis Latham on June 30.

   He technically will replace Councilwoman Lisa Bruno, who is current Police Commissioner, at that time.

   In the new position, which is uncompensated, Kinowski explained he will remain First Sergeant. A second  position  of  Sergeant, that he said the Town has not had for some time, is being advertised, as Bruno confirmed .



You can read the entire article in the May 22nd issue of the Express.