The Express Newspaper November 10, 2016

The Express Newspaper – April 9, 2015

Bob Brown of D.C. Sports Honored – by T. Mahoney

MECHANICVILLE OCTOBER 16- Over one hundred people attended the Annual Economic Summit, sponsored by the Mechanicville - Stillwater Chamber of Commerce was held at the Elks on Thursday evening. Bob Brown, owner of D.C. Sports was honored as the Success Story of the Year.Congressman Paul Tonko, State Senator Kathy Marchione, Stillwater Supervisor Ed Kinowski, and Mechanicville Supervisor Tom Richardson represented government. Mike Russo of Global Foundries, Mike Tucker, CEO of of the Center for Economic Growth, and Todd Shimkus , President of the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce, represented the private sector.

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Riverside Chat Held to Broaden River Towns – By Harold Wessell

MECHANICVILLE  - February 11th it was originally billed as "River Towns Roundtable" but by the time it convened Pete Bardunias - President of the CSSC decided that " Riverside Chat" said it better, particularly since it is hoped that there will be more of them ahead.


Entire Article in the February 20th issue of the Express.