The Express Newspaper December 22, 2016

The Three Bears and Traveling on Holidays – by S. McBride

When Tom and I gave up dairy farming with its 24/7 commitment 30 years ago and were at last able to travel, it didn’t take us long to make a vow that we would absolutely never travel on holiday weekends, especially Memorial Day.

We kept that promise for 29 years.  Here in 2015, however, we found ourselves on a road trip to Alabama for our granddaughter’s high school graduation, ironically taking place the day the holiday weekend began.  Oops!

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Last Month in the Civil War/ Two Journeys – by S. McBride

2nd half:

On April 20, George Atzerodt, who had failed in his mission to assassinate Vice President Andrew Johnson, was arrested.

  Having hidden in the pine thicket in Maryland for several days as Federal troops scoured the area looking for them, Booth and Herold were desperate, hungry and cold, and Booth was in pain.  Cox arranged for Thomas Jones, a die-hard Confederate sympathizer, to get them across the Potomac to safety in Virginia.

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