The Express Newspaper November 16, 2017

The Express Newspaper November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Food Drive to Feed 800 Families

NOVEMBER 21- Eight hundred families will have a Thanksgiving turkey dinner this year. The 8th annual Thanksgiving Food Drive, spearheaded by Mike Raucci of Toyota of Clifton Park will take care of families in the local area.

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Thanksgiving Food Drive

The Thanksgiving Food Drive , sponsored by Mike Raucci of Toyota of Clifton Park , needs donations. Mike has bought 800 turkeys for needy families. Packaged foods of all kinds, packaged or canned are needed. There is a list of drop off boxes in the ad on page 5. This food will be dispersed to the community centers, town halls, food pantries, and churches in our area. Your donation will stay in this area and may help a neighbor.

Thanksgiving Food Drive – By Sandy McBride






The devastation wrought over the past week by Hurricane Sandy in New York City and coastal areas from the Carolinas to Cape Cod has once again driven home to us how fragile life is and how much we depend on helping hands from our fellow man when Mother Nature or other circumstances throw challenges at us that we cannot overcome alone.

Here in our small town world, it seems that we can always count on our neighbors to reach out their helping hands whenever we need them.  And with Thanksgiving right around the corner, now is the time for all of us to offer whatever help we can provide.


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