The Express Newspaper – February 1, 2018

The Express Newspaper – April 21, 2016

Brown’s Beach Cleanup & Update – by H. Wessell

BROWN'S BEACH, July 19: Young men and women 14-18 years old
from rowing clubs in Saratoga and Boston spent their Saturday afternoon at
Brown's Beach. They were there to volunteer in a clean up effort.

Eric Catalano, Executive Director for Saratoga Rowing Association,
explained that members of SRA and Community Rowing from Boston
area with their president Will Congrim had planned to get together here
for a visit and some competitive practices. "We thought it might be a
nice way for us to do something together, get the different teams to
know each other, and give back to the community. But it was hard to
find something that you could get 100 people to do."

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