Brown’s Beach Re-Opens – by H. Wessell

SARATOGA LAKE, May 28 ñ The parking lot at Brown's Beach was full by late morning Saturday and all day, said Stillwater Supervisor Ed Kinowski, as the redeveloped longtime popular spot for families began its second season.   And at that, celebrants were undaunted even with the day's record-high temperatures. Kinowski reported the Saturday attendance at 724.

Article in the June 9 edition.

Brown’s Beach Plans for Pavilion – by H. Wessell

TOWN OF STILLWATER, March 17  – Chazen Companies engineers Vice President Joseph Lanaro shared with Town Board members a provisional drawing of the pavilion that has been the desired next step in the revival of historic Brown’s Beach on Saratoga Lake, now a Stillwater Town Park.

Entire article in the 03-24 edition.

The Express Newspaper October 1, 2015

Brown’s Beach Too Successful? – by H. Wessell

SARATOGA LAKE, July 3: On Friday morning Brown’s Beach was opened for the holiday weekend at 10:00AM; said Town Supervisor Edward Kinowski in “what we called a soft opening, to try for the summer to be open from 10 to 8, every day, because we think the summer hours are going to drive it."

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Saratoga Lake Winter Celebration – by H. Wessell

TOWN OF STILLWATER, February 8 – "It's getting off to a good start," Town Supervisor Edward Kinowski emailed to  his Town team in the latter hours of Sunday's second event of the  first annual Winter Celebration on Saratoga Lake. "There's a small group out there on the lake doing the ice fishing. We've had kids coming in and out. We had about fifteen here [a few minutes before], and they all went inside ... because it was a little cold. So we told them go in and warm up and come on outside and we'll bake some s’mores."

ice fishkinowski and panza

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The Express Newspaper – September 11, 2014

No Swimming This Year at Brown’s Beach – by H. Wessell

This Thursday an executive session - required because of a contract change - will be held in part because opening the beach will now involve a change in the lease. It it is expected that the Town, not one of the operators engaged for the site, will be operating the beach itself.
Supervisor Kinowski talking with the Express on Monday indicated it is expected that opening the beach area for bathers will be ruled out for this year, for various legal and procedural complications that have compounded the many weather related hurdles.

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Brown’s Beach Cleanup & Update – by H. Wessell

BROWN'S BEACH, July 19: Young men and women 14-18 years old
from rowing clubs in Saratoga and Boston spent their Saturday afternoon at
Brown's Beach. They were there to volunteer in a clean up effort.

Eric Catalano, Executive Director for Saratoga Rowing Association,
explained that members of SRA and Community Rowing from Boston
area with their president Will Congrim had planned to get together here
for a visit and some competitive practices. "We thought it might be a
nice way for us to do something together, get the different teams to
know each other, and give back to the community. But it was hard to
find something that you could get 100 people to do."

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The Express Newspaper – July 3, 2014