No Swimming This Year at Brown’s Beach – by H. Wessell

This Thursday an executive session - required because of a contract change - will be held in part because opening the beach will now involve a change in the lease. It it is expected that the Town, not one of the operators engaged for the site, will be operating the beach itself.
Supervisor Kinowski talking with the Express on Monday indicated it is expected that opening the beach area for bathers will be ruled out for this year, for various legal and procedural complications that have compounded the many weather related hurdles.

Read the entire article in the Aug. 7th issue of the Express.


Some Hurdles in Brown’s Beach Restoration Are As Expected – by H. Wessell

STILLWATER, June 19 - Some things will not get accomplished this year in the revival of Brown's Beach  but that is as expected, Town Supervisor Edward Kinowski said in an update to the Town Board.  "We're trying to put forth the effort on everything we possibly could. but some things we just could not." However he stressed, "We are working through a phasing process. It will take 2-3 years before we will see Brown's Beach come to fruition."

Read the entire article in the June 26th issue of the Express