Mechanicville Bridges Go Out for Bid in April – by D. Coreno

The work on Francis St. and Main St. will be going out for bid sometime in April. The expected length of time for the project will be about six months. Hill St. to Terminal St. will be blocked as well as Francis St. to Hudson alley. The sidewalks above Central Ave. are not planning on being renovated at the present time. As for the cost, the city only pays 5% of the bridge project and eventually a bond will be issued.

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Central Ave. to Open “Sometime During the Week of Dec. 15th” – by Gerstenberger, Gowett & Coreno

MECHANICVILLE DECEMBER 3 - Commissioner Higgins stated at the city council meeting that the bridge is about 1 week behind due to the weather. Saratoga County Department of Public Works informed him that because of recent temperatures under 45 degrees the concrete could not cure.

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Mechanicville School board Updates – By D. Coreno

NOVEMBER 6- At the School Board meeting Superintendent Dr. Michael McCarthy recommended and the Board approved the following coaching changes:

Tom Berigan resigned as the Mechanicville girls modified basketball coach. Jim Kenyon was appointed as the 8th grade girls basketball coach.
William Rabbit was appointed as 7th grade girls basketball coach.
Tom Richardson , formerly the boys modified basketball coach was appointed as the 8th grade boys basketball coach.

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Mechanicville City Hall News – By Gerstenberger, Gowett & Coreno

At the City Council meeting three recommendations by The Mechanicville City Fire Department are being brought to attention after an audit by the NYS Comptroller\'92s Office. Section 6 of the point system is being amended from the service award program. This clarifies exactly how many points are earned for responding to a minimum of 10% Fire Department calls in the year. Resolution 93-14 clarified \'93Chief\'92s Call\'94 as any detail intended to assist an emergency/rescue squad. Said points are the result of a retirement program, LOSAP, for local volunteer firefighters. Stephen Higgins was inadvertently not given the correct number of points for service in 2012. He was awarded his service credit was included in the Volunteer Service award Program for the year 2012

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