“From Ashes to Arches” McDonald’s in Waterford Reopens – by M. LeMay


WATERFORD- On Wednesday August 6th Roger Grout owner and operator of the Waterford McDonald’s held his re-grand opening of his newly built restaurant along with a huge crowd of supporters and local dignitaries from both Saratoga County and Albany County.

On December 7, 2013, fire destroyed the prior restaurant that was originally built in 1976. The fire left 50 people out of work, and a community without a three decade old restaurant. Grout stated, "We knew we were going to come back, it was never a question and now it's back, bigger, and better than ever.” Grout stated “we maintained 37 out of the out 50 prior employees and now have a total of 90 employees over all to run the store. We operate 24/7 and our lobby is open those hours with WIFI”.

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Ripe Tomato Continues a Long Dining Tradition – by Harold Wessell


The Ripe Tomato Restaurant, subtitled "An American Grill," at U.S. Rte. 9 and East High Street and its founder  Joe Gleason both turn eighty years old in 2014.  Neither has been in the restaurant all its/his life but a lot of it, in both cases.

   In 1934 when the building was erected,  Rte. 9  was  the major route from Manhattan to the Adirondacks and beyond.  Signs on the Northway, let folks know the restaurant is nearby. In 2013's web guide TripAdvisor, it was awarded the  Certificate of Excellence: a distinction that places it in the top-performing 10 percent of all businesses appearing worldwide on TripAdvisor .

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More to Crum than the “Saratoga Chip” – by H. Wessell

Moon's Lake House, which stood (and repeatedly burned down) not far from the outlet of Saratoga Lake, is reputed by urban legend to have been the birthplace of the potato chip, and chef George Crum its "father" ... or at least its discoverer.

The hotel was built by Cary Moon in 1853 and became particularly popular in Saratoga Springs social life. Initially Catherine "Aunt Kate" Weeks and her brother George Crum shared the cooking duties. George was head chef but after some years left, eventually starting his own restaurant, Crum's Place, in the hamlet known as Malta Ridge, near the other end of the lake.

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Knowski Gives Brown’s Beach Preview – by H. Wessell

TOWN OF STILLWATER, May 15  A person in high office once said famously: "YOU didn't do that." Rather, someone else made the opportunity for your success.

In this case, Supervisor Ed Kinowski's perspective seems to be that every person in the Town of Stillwater can say "I did that"  when all is said and done at Brown's Beach.

Kinowski and presumptive Brown's Beach operators Tony Panza of Panza's Restaurant and Mike Menetto of Menetto's Motor Sports (Clifton Park)
brought members of the Saratoga Lake Association up to date at their annual meeting, held at Panza's.

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Brown’s Beach Lease Signing – by Harold Wessell

TOWN OF STILLWATER, April 17th Town Board granted Supervisor Edward Kinowski to sign up the future operators of Brown's Beach when details of their joint lease are completed, which is expected shortly.

Also this week, see below, the Town Board will hold a special meeting Thursday night on several Capital Projects

The Board at its regular meeting of April 17 adopted a resolution authorizing the Supervisor to sign the pending license, lease and management agreement with Panza's Restaurant and Menneto Powersports regarding Brown's Beach, who have proposals   to operate the restaurant and hospitality facilities and the marina, respectively.

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Ugly Rooster Opens in New Location – by T. Mahoney

MECHANICVILLE APRIL 3- Ariel Pagan, owner of the Ugly Rooster, invited the public to a meet and greet on Thursday. Free food and refreshments were served\
to the public as part of the "meet and greet." After months of planning The Ugly Rooster finally moved from its location on North Main Street to its new location at 312 North 3rd, in Depot Square.


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