Ripe Tomato Continues a Long Dining Tradition – by Harold Wessell


The Ripe Tomato Restaurant, subtitled "An American Grill," at U.S. Rte. 9 and East High Street and its founder  Joe Gleason both turn eighty years old in 2014.  Neither has been in the restaurant all its/his life but a lot of it, in both cases.

   In 1934 when the building was erected,  Rte. 9  was  the major route from Manhattan to the Adirondacks and beyond.  Signs on the Northway, let folks know the restaurant is nearby. In 2013's web guide TripAdvisor, it was awarded the  Certificate of Excellence: a distinction that places it in the top-performing 10 percent of all businesses appearing worldwide on TripAdvisor .

The entire article is in the June 5th issue of the Express.