The Express Newspaper – March 23, 2017

The Express Newspaper – January 19, 2017

Bill Sheehan Honored by Post 490 – by Kathleen Sheehan

STILLWATER APRIL 11- Bill Sheehan was honored on Saturday for 70 years of service to and membership in the American Legion Earl J. Manning Post 490 in Stillwater.  Bill has been a prolific contributor to this newspaper over the past several decades.  Bill has described in vivid detail the feats of many Stillwater athletes, helped console grieving families with heartfelt descriptions of their loved ones, and reminded all of us, both in print and in his many Memorial Day and American Legion speeches, of the ultimate sacrifice so many made while serving their country.

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Pearl Harbor Remembered at Local Legion Halls

MECHANICVILLE DECEMBER 7- Post Chaplain Bill Wicks read the name of the 53 Mechanicville servicemen who lost their lives in WWII at the Pearl Harbor Remembrance at Lt. Fred Clark American Legion Post #91.Robin Ringlet=r read the poem , "Do you remember me?" written from the perspective of one of the 2,335 who died on December 7th at Pearl Harbor. She led everyone in singing "Remember Pearl Harbor"- written shortly after the event.

Read the entire article in the Dec. 11th issue of the Express.