Just the Way I See It – by Burk

It was only a matter of time before I would address Election Rage 2016 and how it may impact the outcome of the 2016 presidential as well as the other national elections.  How did we go from being a relatively civil democratic campaigning society to an all out, fist bared, knuckle punching, slug fest in order to select our respective candidates.  Where did the smiling, baby kissing politician of yesteryear go?

Entire article in the 03-24.

Nelson defeats Martin in Stillwater mayor’s race, three Trustees elected to new terms

Posted 3/18/15

Village residents elected a new mayor Wednesday, turning out incumbent Ernest Martin, who has led the community for 23 years. Rick Nelson, who will take the office on April 6, defeated Martin 194-132. Martin was village trustee in 1983, becoming mayor in March 1992 and is the longest serving mayor in Stillwater history. Also elected to new terms were incumbent Trustees Judith Wood-Shaw (4 years), Timothy Campbell (2 years) and newcomer Frank Tatum (4 years).

SACC Board Accepting Applicants – By J. Dugan

The Stillwater Area Community Center is seeking applications for open positions within its board. The all-volunteer board oversees SACC’s daily operations and each board member brings his or her unique skills and talents to the table. All interested parties should submit a letter of interest and resume no later than November 28. Elections will take place on December 11 from 5pm to 7pm.

Read the entire article in the Nov. 20th edition of the Express.