The Express Newspaper August 10, 2017

Zim smith Trail to be Complete by 2017 ? – by H. Wessell

TOWN OF STILLWATER, June 2 – A 5-year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
award of  $97 million in federally funded construction projects just approved by the Capital
District Planning Commission includes $2.9 million that makes possible the long-awaited
extension of the Zim Smith county trail from its current terminus  at Coons Crossing Road in
Halfmoon, into Mechanicville. An additional $400,000 was awarded for safety upgrades to the

Zim Smith Plans Complete -Special Thanks to Bruce Tanski

HALFMOON APRIL 20- Jason Kemper, Director of Saratoga County Planning Board, presented an update on the Zim Smith Trail to the Halfmoon Town Board on Wednesday. He outlined the designated route the trail will take. This will be on the south side of the railroad tracks from Coon's Crossing to the Elizabeth St. Extension as it enters Mechanicville.

Article in the 04-28 edition.