Arms Fair at Manchester Center, Vermont 05255

Arms Fair at Manchester Center, Vermont 05255

Riley Rink, 410 Hunter Park Road

       Saturday, April 9 and Sunday April 10, 2016

    For Immediate Release for Local News and Events Calendar

Press and cameras are invited for our Friday evening Preview from 4:00 to 8:00 PM or throughout the show Saturday only.

Hi, I’m David Petronis, President of NEACA, Inc., and I would like to inform you that our New Eastcoast Arms Collectors Associates and NEACA Arms Fair will be in the Riley Rink at Hunter Park in Manchester Center, Vermont this Saturday and Sunday, April 9 & 10.  Last September we were invited by the new director at the Rink in Hunter Park to stage our very first Arms Fair there. The Rink is situated just a mile north of the Route 30 and Historic Route 7A traffic circle intersection in the center of town.  This will be our second event at Riley Rink and we were quite pleased with our first show there.  However, we still need to find additional exhibitors so we can fill the 275 table capacity of this fine venue.  We still have space left and do invite all exhibitors who are in the outdoors sporting industry or hunting, shooting, trapping or fishing sports to come and display at our Second NEACA Arms Fair & Sportsman’s Expo.  We will continue with two more during 2016.

We also invite outdoor photographers, artists, duck carvers, Adirondack lore makers, fly rod builders and dealers in vintage Americana or sporting goods.  And, of course, this is an Arms Fair, where all sorts of militaria, edged weapons, or antique and modern firearms, ammunition and accessories can be found.  With Revolutionary War and Civil War artifacts, swords and guns on hand plus collector and investment firearms to be seen this will be a walk thru history but also where you can not only view items but perhaps buy and take home a piece of history.  From research books to antique traps to a wall hanger gun for over your fireplace our Arms Fair is the place to find that certain piece you may have been searching for.

And our exhibitors and dealers not only wish to sell their items but also need to replace their inventory with things you may wish to bring in to our show.  Plus our collectors may want to purchase your collection; one piece or the whole amount.  Arms Fairs are a great way for the public to buy, sell or trade with our dealers and collectors.  We may not fill all of our proposed table capacity but this will probably still be the largest Arms Fair in the State of Vermont since NEACA promoted some at the Green Mountain Racetrack in Pownal nearly two decades ago.  We have others planned at the Riley Rink for July 16, 17 and October 8, 9, 2016 where we hope to build this event to full capacity with fine exhibitors from throughout the northeast. To download our flier from the web go to  HYPERLINK "" .

NEACA has been conducting Antique Shows and Arms Fairs throughout the northeast since 1982 and this past March was our 102nd Arms Fair produced with 250 tables at the Saratoga Springs City Center in NY State which is straight west of our new Manchester Center Arms Fair location. We can only hope our new event will be as successful as we are in Saratoga.

Doors are open for the public to browse at 9am to 5pm on Saturday and 9am to 3pm on Sunday.  Admission is $8.00, Seniors over 60 is only $7.00 and Children under 14 are Free with an adult.  NEACA Membership info can be found on our  HYPERLINK "" website at $50.00 for 12 months with $45.00 renewal.  NEACA Members get Free entry to all of our shows plus get in early as well as discounted table space rental.  See our Gun Show page or call NEACA in Mechanicville, NY at 518-664-9743.

Thanks, David Petronis, NEACA President

38 North Main Street, Mechanicville, NY 12118  

College Flunky: Rehab & Recovery – Book Review by C. Barton

Jed Donavan, a Vermont native, shares with readers his journey from addiction to sobriety in his second personal memoir, College Flunky Rehab and Recovery. His first memoir, Army Flunkies and Colorado Junkies was released in 2013. He released his latest memoir, College Flunky in 2014. Both books allow readers to feel an emotional response to Donavan’s personal journey towards his recovery. His accounts, unrefined with descriptives, allow readers to fully experience what he was experiencing through his writing. While both books nicely compliment each other and paint his picture, it is not necessary to have read one to understand and enjoy the other, in either order. The story and the messages in each of Donavan’s memoirs are very much as standalone as they are consistent and complementary of each other.

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Sailing Vermont Farmers Market – By Harold Wessell

MECHANICVILLE, June 26 – In a time when "snail mail" is a glibly uttered – and still found inaccurate  at times –  put-down of a centuries-old mode of delivery that by tech-era standards takes too much time, an initiative by a  Vermont farmer is bringing back a viable alternative to the truck: delivery by boat.

Not just a boat, a sail boat – and one that looks a lot like a canal barge, at that. "Delivered by Sail" is part of the logo of the Vermont Freight Sale Project Erik Andrus heads up.

Andrus farms high up along Lake Champlain – a rice farmer in Vermont of all things, in fact the biggest Japanese rice farmer in the Northeast USA. "I used to grow wheat and rye and barley," he began. "Then with rainfall arriving in more and more torrential amounts and my fields being very heavy soil and wet... I shifted over to rice!"

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