College Flunky: Rehab & Recovery – Book Review by C. Barton

Jed Donavan, a Vermont native, shares with readers his journey from addiction to sobriety in his second personal memoir, College Flunky Rehab and Recovery. His first memoir, Army Flunkies and Colorado Junkies was released in 2013. He released his latest memoir, College Flunky in 2014. Both books allow readers to feel an emotional response to Donavan’s personal journey towards his recovery. His accounts, unrefined with descriptives, allow readers to fully experience what he was experiencing through his writing. While both books nicely compliment each other and paint his picture, it is not necessary to have read one to understand and enjoy the other, in either order. The story and the messages in each of Donavan’s memoirs are very much as standalone as they are consistent and complementary of each other.

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