Introducing Round Lake – by Lauren Peterson

For those of you who have never made it to the beautiful village of Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard, consider visiting Round Lake, NY instead. The village of roughly 600 residents has been around since the first cottages were erected in 1869. Today its small and winding streets are lined with Victorian houses dripping with gingerbread ornamentation in all hues.

The original exterior Victorian house color schemes of this era consisted of tans, pale oranges, whites and light blues, but you can find residences painted in all colors of the rainbow today. Among those currently standing there is a bubble gum pink house, several in yellow, many in bold shades of blue and more. One house on the western edge of the village has nine different colors decorating its molding. Along with the sometimes extensive gingerbread, various residences boast conical turrets as well, and one house is even octagonal in shape.

The entire articles is in the 02-06 issue of the Express.