Epiphany: The Rest of the Story – by H. Wessell

In the Irish half of this writer’s lineage, it’s often called “Little Christmas;” but it is much more than that. (Nor is it little.)
The feast of the Epiphany, or "appearance" of the Christ, traditionally on January 6, in Western Christendom not only predates Christmas Day as a celebration of the coming of a Savior into history, by at least a hundred years. What is more, that “Little” is a bit ironic: because in the Roman Catholic liturgical calendar the feast in a way “outranked” December 25 for centuries until our own time, in 1970. The feast is still of about equal dignity.

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Little Shop of Horrors in Hoosic Valley- by C. Barton

Hoosic Valley –Friday April 4th marked the first performance of this years Hoosic Valley musical production of the “Little Shop of Horrors.” Show times on Friday, Saturday and Sunday were offered throughout the weekend. For some that attended the play, Saturday was their second viewing.

2014 just adds to the long list of the history of musical theatre at Hoosic Valley, which dates back to a tradition that began at the school in 1965. This years cast of the Hoosic Valley Repertory Theatre is the first ever to perform “Little Shop of Horrors” on the Hoosic Valley stage. In a prior interview, Adam Myott, Director for the production, was confident that the “vibrant and talented cast” would amaze the audience at the April production of Little Shop of Horrors. He was right judging by the response to this years spring production.

Entire article in the April 10th issue of the Express.