To Family … what is happening in our lives ….

To all of our Friends, Exhibitors, Members; February 2, 2016.

Cathy and I wanted to keep all of you in the loop about what we are doing and what is happening.  Below is our original note about Saratoga, upcoming NEACA Shows and the Lake George Gun Show at the Forum.

First, and foremost (as explained in Saratoga), Cathy has been diagnosed with uterine cancer; a common and very curable stage.  However, one never knows anything for sure until more tests and even then until a hysterectomy operation is started. We have the best doctor in this field in the Capital District area; saw him today and we feel very sure Cathy is getting the best of care.  A Canadian and possible Libertarian but we won’t hold that against him; fourteen thousand and counting operations under his belt.  Our complete array of medical people from scheduling staff to nurses to the doctors we know and trust have pushed us thru the process with care, ease and timeliness.  This thoughtful commitment from them all is extremely well appreciated by us and we thank them for making this scary process bearable.  We are both at ease with the coming operation.  As of now, if all goes according to plan, scheduled for February 17th.

We also thank all of you who have offered us help, prayers and concern.  However, what you also might like to do is make our lives a little less stressful by sending in your applications early and committing to our next few shows on the schedule as we outlined below.  Many have already done so … thank you!  This operation will be just before our Albany show at the Polish Community Center on February 20, 21.  We need to fill this show up real soon.  Cathy will work on advertising and mailing postcards in between the myriad of doctors visits and tests but will probably not make the show itself.  Several weeks of recuperation will then bring us to our Saratoga Show in March; everything comes up real quick in this business.  We are still actively seeking help with the shows and even at the shop.  We are working as all will be OK for our future; all we can do.

I asked this below in our note;

“The one very important item in this note is that we need to know who will be exhibiting at our spring Gun Show at ;

The Forum in Lake George, NY this June *17, 18, 19. 

We need to know TODAY.  Call us at 518-664-9743 or e-mail now. I already know who told us at Saratoga as to whether you were coming.”

Well, we didn’t get more than a minimal dealer commitment for this show at the Forum so we have cancelled all of the 2016 shows at that location.  It is expensive to do and we are actually still paying for the last one with our damaged truck and a very expensive, and foolish error on my part, repair to our new Chrysler van.  All of our other shows are tried and true with the exception of our new venture in Manchester Center, Vermont.  We have one show under our belt and three news ones coming up this year.  WE NEED early table sales for this soon to be, best show in southern Vermont this April *8, 9, 10. … I am not going to take anything away from the long running Barre, Vermont show that has been a tradition in the north for years.  But come and see us in the south!

As I said, Saratoga this past weekend was great … so it will be on March *18, 19, 20 at our next event … our 102nd Gun Show at the City Center. Show us that you know … at any time … Saratoga is the place to be!

Thank you all .. and please pass the word about our NEACA gun shows and join us as a NEACA Member today.  New Eastcoast Arms Collectors Associates @

Cathy and Dave.