A Christmas Carol at The Arts Center on the Hudson – by Cindy Mahoney

Mechanicville patrons were entertained on Saturday, December 1st by the master storyteller Ashley Ramsden performing 23 characters from Jacob Marley to Tiny Tim in Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol.

To a crowd of around 100 people, Mr. Ramsden delighted his audience as a master storyteller and performer.  Portraying all the characters in a way that you actually felt there were 23 performers upon the stage.

We were all taken back to Victorian England to a tale of a bitter and miserable Ebenezer Scrooge and his ideological, ethical and emotional transformation resulting in visits by Jacob Marley and the Ghosts of Christmas Past, and of one Yet to Come.

As Mr. Ramsden ended his performance he was greeted to a standing ovation.

Ashley Ramsden Is the founding director of the School of Storytelling, the longest established centre of its kind in the United Kingdom. He has toured with his remarkable storytelling programs on five continents and has appeared at major storytelling festivals in the UK, South Africa, Scandinavia and America.