Town of Stillwater Working on Disaster Preparations – By Tom Rinaldi, Chairman

The Town of Stillwater has an Emergency Management Planning Committee that has been meeting for 8 years.  The committee represents both the Town and the Village in addressing planning issues in the event of a community emergency or disaster and is positively supported by the elected officials in both jurisdictions.  The members of the committee are a diverse group made up of town and village residents, members of the first response community including the town and village fire departments, members of the town and village board, civic organizations, the Community Center, National Park, the Town Highway and Police departments, Saratoga Lake Association, church groups, school facilities, the National Weather Service and mental health professional.  The current chairman of the Committee is Tom Rinaldi who is a 45 year member of the fire service and retired from New York State after 27 years with 12 years at the Office of Emergency Management in various capacities including Deputy Director.

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