Town of Schaghticoke Joins Historic Saratoga–Washington Partnership – By Christine Barton

The Historic Saratoga-Washington on the Hudson Partnership was established through an act of legislation passed in 2006 to preserve and enhance the land and waterways in the designated Partnership region, which at that time included the Hudson River regions.  In 2012, former Senator Roy McDonald and Assemblyman Steve Englebright sponsored a bill that would expand the Partnership into other areas of Saratoga, Washington and Rensselaer Counties. Governor Cuomo recently signed this bill into law.
The Town of Schaghticoke passed a resolution to join the partnership in December of 2012. Many other towns and communities in the newly expanded municipal region have since passed resolutions to join the Partnership. “There are so many great assets in this region,” says Devin Lander, Deputy Legislative Director and Committee Clerk for Assemblyman Steven Englebright. The Partnership, which will come to be called The Historic Hoosic-Hudson Partnership, holds regular meetings, which encourage discussion and the opportunity for communities to share information, ideas and work together and influence what is going on in the region, says Lander.

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